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In the midst of a season that has forced us to slow down and pause "life as normal," we wanted to reflect on what it means to "Be Still" in a culture that tells us our worth is based on our accomplishments and achievements.

Psalm 46:10 says:

"Be still, and know that I am God. 

I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth!"

We threw out a challenge to our staff and students to creatively communicate their thoughts and feelings as they reflected on this verse and we want to share some of their projects with you! Would you take a few minutes to check out the submissions (below) and fill out a quick survey to let us know your thoughts?

britney bouk

Original Song - "He Says, 'Be Still'"

About the Song

morgan louvar

ally scholten




Oh Love That Wilt Not Let Me GoSophia Situmeang
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This song doesn’t say “be still” in it, nor is its theme to be still. However, on some of my darkest days, when my doubts are overwhelming and my emotions won’t stop storming, when Satan’s lies are screaming in my ears and the heaviness of this world’s brokenness threatens to drag me to the ground—this old hymn has helped me stay above water. You see, the hardest part of “being still” for me is that I feel like I have to run to escape all those things I just listed. If I slow down in my day, if I let my guard down and even peer over my shoulder, I’ll be consumed. So, in a heady pretense of it not existing, I sprint, hands over my ears, attempting ever so hard to escape. But then God sends things like COVID-19. It’s a sinkhole, a tree in my way, a twisted ankle, an invisible wall that I slam into in my sprint. And I’m forced to stop. 

At first, I panic. These things are catching up to me. How can I escape my thoughts, my fears, my doubts? God, I need to keep running—I was staying ahead of everything that drags me down. But when I collided with my most recent wall, frantically pounding on it and trying to find a way through, this song made me pause.

God reminded me of a few things.

I can be still because He isn’t afraid of my doubts. I can be still because my emotions don’t dictate His love for me. I can be still because Satan’s lies have been defeated by the truth of the cross. I can be still because the brokenness in this world manifests His unfailing power, and the brokenness I see in myself He promises to restore. I can be still because He is God. 

My favorite line in this song: “O joy that seekest me through pain, I cannot close my heart to thee.” As I was running headlong toward what I thought was safety, God was chasing me, whispering to my weary soul that I was safe right where I was. Doubts, fears, lies, brokenness—they fall to pieces when I am still under my Savior’s wings. 

What kind of love is this? It is love that will not let me go. 

I decided to record this song for my “be still” project, and I hope its truths can give you assurance so that you can find stillness in your own spiritual journey. 

becca kwon

rachel tully


katie smith

Katie Smith.png

julia davis

Julia Davis - "Be Still"

Sarah eliason & amanda happel


ryann getz

I actually made this vase last year when my life was crazy. I felt homesick and lonely and I had so much going on I felt as if I was going to blow. That is what the top represents with the chaos and the hole in the back. However, the center of the vase is of a calm mountain scene. This represents that even when life is crazy and unpredictable, it is still well with God. He is still holy and sovereign.

mariah davis

cam mccoy


aurora navarro

"Be still"

sydney clarkin

"Be still, be still in me"

Be still, be still in Me

Even when the storm surrounds you, 

and the waters threaten to overcome you.

Even when you fear you will never make it to dry land,

or that I’d let you drown, and simply slip through My hands.

I am not asleep, My child, I am awake, and I do care.

I hear your pleas for help, 

but remember,

the wind and waves obey Me.

You have nothing to fear.

Be still, be still in Me


Be still, be still in Me

Even as the chariots pursue you,

and Pharaoh’s hardened heart is against you.

Even when you doubt,

that the promise of a Promised Land 

is better than the cruelty of a master’s hand. 

I did not free you just to abandon you.

I part the seas only for you.

Be still, be still in Me


Be still, be still in Me

Even as seventy years of exile haunt you,

and the ruins of your temple await you.

Even as your enemies still prosper,

and your loved ones are still scattered among the nations.

You are my special possession,

and I will soon forever dwell among this holy land.

Do not be anxious in your waiting.

Be still, be still in Me


Be still, be still in Me

Even when the earthquakes come,

and the mountains crumble into the sea.

Even when you have no fight left,

and you’re not sure how to proceed. 

Don’t let your fear overcome your faith,

for I have chosen You.

I am your strength and your fortress,

I am your unwavering Savior in the midst of all uncertainty.

I fight for you, 

and so My child,

Be still, be still in Me


This is probably the simplest, least time-consuming design project I have done in the last year, yet it was profoundly difficult. I oftentimes define my worth by what I do and what others think, but to just stop and “be?” That is incredibly challenging. While I desperately wanted to spend time creating something substantial for this project, I found myself reflecting on the need to “be” and let myself die to “doing” and “accomplishing.” It’s comfortable to “do,” but I question what I miss by not taking the time to simply “be” still in His presence and let Him do a work in and through me without feeling the crushing weight of the world imposing on me an identity that is based on what I “do.” Yes, I will unashamedly pursue the simple (yet, not so simple) practice of “being” still.

matt Collatz

siera kaltenbach

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