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We are committed to knowing Jesus and making Him known. Regardless of the conference or retreat, the gospel message will be the central focus of the experience. You will hear the gospel and be equipped to share it with others more confidently.





Every Fall, we spend the weekend away from campus with other students from around the state of Iowa. The weekend includes, worship, a speaker, discussions, breakouts, men's and women's times, girly burly, and more!

Over winter break, there are seven winter conferences hosted around the country. As Iowa Cru, we attend the Minneapolis Winter Conference every year December 28th - January 1st with 1,000+ students from around the midwest.

Spring Break provides an awesome opportunity to get away from campus as a community to explore a different part of the country, engage in ministry together, and take a break from the busyness of campus life. The last three Spring Getaway locations included: Panama City Beach (2017), Estes Park (2018), and Orlando (2019).

Global Launch Trips

Throughout the year, we take advantage of opportunities to visit our global partnerships for a week or two at a time. We've taken trips over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break to Iowa Cru's two global partnerships: France and Peru. Currently, we are looking to send a team to France over Spring Break 2020. More details will come.

Spend up to 11 weeks at one of our stateside Summer Mission locations! While on mission, you will have a full-time job (and make an income over the summer!), live in community with other students from around the midwest, be discipled by staff, have Bible studies, be trained to share your faith, and SO much more. Our stateside partnerships include: The Badlands (Medora, ND), Jersey Shore (Seaside Park, NJ), North Myrtle Beach, and Milwaukee.

Greek Retreat

Fraternity and Sorority students from around the country gather in Gatlinburg, TN for the annual Greek Retreat in December. This is a brand new conference started in December 2019, but we are excited for future opportunities to send Iowa Greek students to rub shoulders with other Greeks wanting to grow in their relationship with God and make an impact in their chapters for Christ.

Cru exists in 193 countries, so opportunities to go to the world abound! We, as Iowa Cru, are committed to sending students and staff to our two global partnerships in France and Peru. In these locations, you will spend 5-6 weeks living overseas with other students and staff from the midwest, learning to cross cultures, share the gospel, and experience God's heart for the nations.

Over the summer, fraternity and sorority students from around the country gather at Greek-specific Summer Mission opportunities, called Greek Summit. They happen in multiple locations: Two options (Destin and Breckenridge) are three weeks long, taking place in mid-late May. Chicago is a fast-paced one-week-long opportunity in the heart of the Windy City right after finals.



Getting away from campus with others who want to walk alongside you wherever you're at in your spiritual journey is definitely going to help you develop deep and authentic friendships with the potential to last the rest of your life. You are learning and growing alongside each other and having a blast at the same time! Bring your questions, bring your doubts, bring your fears. We are here to journey with you!



Regardless of where you are at, our desire is to equip you to continue moving forward in your spiritual journey to know Christ and make Him known. We want you to be lifetime laborers for Christ and will continue to provide training, resources, and tools to prepare you for a lifetime of walking with Christ and living your life on mission so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.

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