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Join students from Eastern Iowa at East Iowa Bible Camp in Deep River, IA for a weekend filled with worship and friends as we seek Jesus together! 

We will help you find a ride to get to Fall Getaway.

If you have any questions, please contact Grace.

After you register, you will get a link for the liability form. If you need to access the form, you can find it here. If you are under 18, please contact Grace about a separate form.



October 14-16, 2022


        $30 Freshmen

       ($60 after 9/23)

 ($70 after 10/9)

        $60 Non-FReshmen

       ($90 after 9/23)

 ($100 after 10/9)

IMPORTANT: Information coming about promo code to use to get the discount by Sept 23.

Registration opens Sept. 1
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