iowa cru staff team
Katie Smith
Team Leader

Hey! I'm Katie! I joined staff with Cru in 2004 after graduating from Iowa State University. My time on staff has included serving at our global partnership location in France, co-leading the team at the University of Minnesota, and serving at Iowa State University prior to leading the team here in Iowa City.


I currently direct the ministry in the state of Iowa and help give vision to the staff team. I lead at the University of Iowa and coach staff and volunteers as they lead on campuses across Iowa. I enjoy living life with students and I'm excited to get to know new students. 

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Matt Collatz
Senior Staff

Hey everyone! My name is Matt and I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a degree in Biology and a minor in pre-professional health in 2013. After graduating, I spent two years interning with Cru at Eau Claire before joining staff in Iowa in 2016. I love being active and playing most sports, but I'm especially drawn to soccer and volleyball. I also love being out in nature, traveling, spontaneous road trips, and spending quality time with people.

I've had the incredible opportunity to go on six Summer Missions through Cru (Miami '11, Australia '13, North Myrtle Beach '15, Peru '17, Jersey Shore '18 and '19) and cannot wait to see where the Lord chooses to send me in the future!

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Kaleb Troyer
Affiliate Staff

Hey everyone! I'm Kaleb and I am an Iowa native from Madrid, IA. I graduated from Iowa State University in the Spring of 2019 with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering.  While at Iowa State, I actively involved myself in Cru by leading a Bible study and spending a summer in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on a Cru Summer Mission.  My time in North Myrtle Beach greatly impacted me, ultimately influencing my decision to intern with Cru after graduation. After interning with Cru last year, I felt God leading me to get an engineering job and minister to people in my work environment while helping invest in the local Cru movement as affiliate staff.

I am passionate about helping students grow in their faith, but in my free time balance interests in popular science, the outdoors, and reading CS Lewis.

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Elly Niemeyer
Affiliate Staff

Hello! My name is Elly and I am an affiliate staff woman with the Greater Iowa Cru movement. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I enjoy good coffee, rock climbing, graphics/art and people. I have been involved with Cru all throughout my college career and am super excited to be on this team doing ministry in the state of Iowa.

My time in college included two amazing Summer Mission opportunities. I spent the summer of 2017 with our partnership in Perth, Australia. The following summer, I was stretched and challenged as part of the Jersey Shore Summer Mission student leadership team. This is where God began to place it on my heart to intern with Cru in Iowa! After interning for a year, I decided to enter the workforce here in Iowa City to have a gospel impact there.

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